How do I get a Library Card?

To obtain a library card, please ask for an application at the check-out desk. You will need a driver's license or another form of identification showing your name and current address. Cards are typically able to be issued at the time you apply. Parents of minor children will need to sign for their children signifying approval of the terms and conditions under which the child may use the library. There is no charge to obtain a library card.

You may also apply for a card using InfoSoup's Online Registration form. The form is for people who have never had a card from a local InfoSoup library. After completing the online form, you will receive a temporary card number which will allow you to place up to 5 requests for materials. To borrow materials and use library computers and online resources, visit the library with identification and proof of address to receive your permanent library card. Please pick up your permanent card within 30 days.