Local History & Genealogy

Our library is not only a treasure trove of knowledge and information but also a valuable resource for exploring the rich history of our local community. For those interested in genealogy and tracing your family roots, we offer access to specialized genealogy software and databases, providing an avenue to discover your family history and heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or simply curious about your local community’s history, the library offers a range of resources and services to help you uncover the stories of the past.

In Library Use Only.  Access to a vast collection of Census records, birth, marriage & death records, immigration and military records, directories, passenger lists, and more.

A large collection of genealogical and historical sources including unique primary sources, local, and family histories, U.S. Federal Censuses, books, cemetery records, city directories, military records and more.

The Recollection Wisconsin program brings together more than 200,000 historical resources from across the state and provides new opportunities to discover and share community history. A dozen InfoSoup libraries have contributed to this collection.

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